Custom Synthesis
Our multi-disciplinary process team can quickly absorb the tech-package that is shared by our clients. The team is extremely adept in evaluating the information and find creative ways of improving the process on need basis. The team evalutes the details related to route-scouting, scale of operations performed in the tech package. We have demonstrated the ability to suggest subtle changes which has translated into immense benefits in terms of batch cycle time, costs without compromising on the quality of the compound. Our ability to backward integrate also ensure reliability of supply and reduced cost of goods. We can also adopt the principles quality by design for late phase chemical development as required to drive the last stage clinical development projects.
We are well positioned to support our customers in accelerating their drug programs. We can provide the required quantities of Key Start Materials (KSMs) advanced intermidiates and APIs with our expertise, infrastructure and our experienced team.
Commercial Manufacturing
At Fred, we take pride in our excellence in commercial manufacturing. With state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled team, we produce high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products for clients around the globe. Our commercial manufacturing services are characterized by adherence to strict quality standards, flexibility, and scalability.