Synthetic Chemistry
We are a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization(CDMO) company. We provide comprehensive discovery chemistry services to fast track your lead generation and optimization efforts. Our team of highly experienced and skilled scientists specializes in innovative techniques for generating and optimizing leads, helping advance your projects through the stages of drug discovery research. With our state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies, we are your trusted partner in propelling your drug discovery projects forward.
1. Route Scouting: Fast Delicery: In early development, speed of delivery is thumb rule. With accumulated chemistry capabilities and and availability of deverse building blocks, our motivated and experienced chemists are able to work out nnovative routes with high efficiency.
2. Optimal Route Scouting: To control the risk of changing route in late development, and secure a reliable supply throughout the whole development lifecycle, the team takes safty, efficiency, purity, cost, ease of scale up, security of raw material supply, and impact on environment into consideraiton, and aim to design an optimal, fit to purpose route for customers' projects.
Analytical Chemistry
We are a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). We specialize in offering a wide range of analytical chemistry services and solutions. We support the discovery and development processes in various industries, including fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, APIs. We use advanced spectroscopic, chromatographic, and physiochemical techniques to meet these needs.Our team of experts bring in years of extensive experience and knowledge to ensure accurate and reliable results. At Fred, we offer more than just traditional analytical services. We support discovery and development chemistry teams for all types of regulated and non-regulated markets and also provide services for standalone projects. Our commitment as a CMO and CDMO is to use our advanced capabilities to fulfill the diverse needs of our clients in the rapidly changing world of small molecule research and development in global standards.